Saturday, April 29, 2017

Youthful & vibrant South Bank, London - #AtoZChallenge

The South Bank of London is most known for the London Eye, but there is a lot to it than the iconic Millennium Wheel. If you want to taste the real culture of London, then this is the place to be. It is always happening irrespective of the season. During summer it is full of people enjoying the sunshine, taking pictures with human statues, enjoying the live singing and dancing by street artists while during winter, it becomes a Christmas market.

Every season and almost most of the weekend you will always find something or the other to do there. If not, then even sitting on one of the many benches, enjoying the spectacular view is as refreshing as any of the activities. Carry a picnic basket and settle down on the grass while watching people enjoy themselves or enjoy a book or musical instrument, there is not the slightest chance to get bored in this place.

We would usually start at the County Hall, taking in the gigantic wheel, walking all the way to the Blackfriars bridge at times. After passing through the crowd eagerly waiting to get on the London eye starts the real fun part. You can see the Big Ben & The Westminster Abbey on the other side of Thames while enjoying the happy giggles of the kids and the hustle bustle around you. According to the time of the year, each of our visits would bring at least one surprise for us. We once visited a science festival here, so full of scientific marvels easily comprehensible even to a science hater!! Once we saw a dome, shaped as a large violet cow, upside down which we later found out as the Underbelly festival full of entertaining programmes of various categories such as circus, comedy, cabaret, music & theatre. The place is lined with so many restaurants serving different varieties of cuisines from across the world that you will be spoilt for choices.

Walk across the Golden Jubilee bridges to find a percussionist practising or sometimes a sale of used books under it. On one hot day during summer, we decided to take a break and walked up the riverside terrace looking for a nice place to settle down with a drink to cool ourselves and found another surprise, a fountain!! but not the usual kinds. It had lines of water jets spraying water creating a rectangle dividing the area into 4 parts by the jets. We could easily stand in an area surrounded by the jets without getting thoroughly drenched, it was mind blowing. I couldn't even remember when was the last time I went to play in a fountain. We spent more than an hour playing in it forgetting all about the drinks. Just a short walk from the Golden Jubilee bridges, there is a graffitied area with roller skaters, skateboarders and cyclists doing stunts we can only imagine. We would stand there spellbound looking at them with admiration in our eyes.

This place is the heart and soul of London and a visit to London without experiencing this place would be incomplete. You can find more information about the upcoming events here.

Here is a virtual tour specially for you to get the hang of this place. Click on the front arrow key to walk along the South Bank.

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