Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Uplifting orchestra at Paddington station

One day accidentally, hubby dear stumbled upon an orchestra playing at the Paddington station. It was a Friday evening and we already had some plans to kickstart our weekend so he couldn't stay back to hear them. The next Friday he made sure that our Friday evening was free and off we went to hear the first live orchestra of our lives. We were not even sure if it happens every Friday, or every month or was a one-off, but we decided to take our chances, thinking that we will wait till 8 and then go somewhere else to hang out if it doesn't take place. He wasn't sure about the start time but had spotted them sometime around 8.10, so we planned to reach there by 8. Later we found out that it starts at around 7.30 p.m. and goes on until 9 p.m. every Friday between Easter & Christmas and is called The Great Western Railway Paddington Band.

We stood there spellbound for an hour listening to them playing beautiful songs one after another. The station was operating as usual and occasionally some people would stop to listen until it was time for them to catch their train. But I guess they already had some fanbase as we were not the only ones who appeared to be in no rush to reach somewhere. It was as if the world had frozen in their perimeter while the world around it went on with their business as usual. It was there, for anyone and everyone, who was willing to take a moment to pause and appreciate the beautiful things in life! Here is a glimpse for you. Do visit them the next time you are in London.

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