Saturday, April 22, 2017

Stonehenge - #AtoZChallenge

When we set out for our visit to Lynton & Lynmouth, I had no idea that there was a surprise planned for me by the Hubby dear. I wanted to visit Stonehenge for a long time, so he had planned our drive to the Devon B&B keeping a day for Stonehenge. I got suspicious when he refused to let me navigate, keeping it to himself while driving. As we left the highway and took a turn, there it was, the mysterious Stonehenge.

The first time had I heard about Stonehenge, it had intrigued me a great deal, I couldn't help but marvel how on earth people in 2500 BC could have done it without the equipment and heavy machinery available today, not to mention how they must have been carried from their origin about 150 miles away! Each of the stone measures around 2 meters in height, 1-1.5 meter in width and 0.8 meters thick. The construction of the site is said to have continued for several hundred years.

P.C. Kedar Gadre

The purpose of the Stonehenge is as mysterious as the process of constructing it. There have been many theories about its usage by researchers. It was probably a temple or a place for conducting rituals or a place for healing & worship or as a funerary monument. The place left us craving for more than what we had craved for when we arrived there. The research and excavations are still in progress and understanding about it has increased over last 10 years. So we really hoped that one day we will have many of our questions answered, but till then visit it to marvel at the creators and the creation itself.

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  1. Sone historical monuments are really mysterious, I believe that's something that attracts so many tourists to them. We might fund the answers or maybe we won't, but it's beautiful and nothing changes that.

  2. I have always been super interesting in Stonehenge also. Whenever it was a possibility to do a project in school on it, I would. I also love reading the conspiracy theories and everything else about it. One day I hope to visit it.

    Once Upon a Time