Saturday, April 15, 2017

Museums in London - #AtoZChallenge

Are you one of those people who dread standing and walking in a museum for long hours, going through a tsunami of information, only to forget it or lose references within a matter of a few days? I was one of those people who thought visiting a museum was boring until I visited some of the museums in London I have covered in this post. The museums turned out to be our saviours during short & cold winter days when there wasn't much to do besides watching movies and making feeble attempts at winter sports such as ice skating.

Natural History Museum 

Just the number of sections in this museum can be overwhelming, with each of the sections too big to cover in one visit. We spent many weekends in this museum during our 3 years stay in London and yet could barely cover half of it. For the very first time, we discovered that learning about the nature around us can be so entertaining and exciting. With the storytelling which has gone into each of the sections, it is difficult to forget many of the things we read and learned here even after many years.
I wished I had learned history, biology & geography this way in my school days, but I was still glad to be able to understand so many things about animals, earth, insects and even humans. We were so addicted to this place that we paid a quick visit to this place to see the Darwin Centre which had been on our list for a while, just a few hours before taking off from London for good. And this visit changed our perspective towards many things. Most importantly it opened our minds to small wonders of nature happening all around us and made us aware of appreciating them.
Don't be disheartened even if you can't visit it in person, their website has an equal amount of information given in an easily comprehensible way.

Science Museum

I agree that Science is not the most favourite subject of every student and although it was one of the favourites of mine, I never associated science with games or fun. And so when I visited this museum, I was as excited as an 8-year-old to play all those games without realising how much knowledge was sinking in through them. Sigh, again ... only if we had learned the science this way instead of confining it to books and laboratories.
If you are a science enthusiast then you must bookmark their website as it has a lot of insight on the latest inventions in science and you can still learn a lot without having to travel to London just to visit it.

Victoria & Albert museum

I always thought one has to be an art enthusiast to visit an art museum until I visited this one. Our visit to this museum taught me that it was the other way round; a visit to an art museum teaches us to appreciate artworks. We don't need the expertise to relish beauty in any art, I guess it is already within us, and all the prehistoric artworks are a living proof of that. I am sure nobody taught the early residents of the earth to paint or carve or sing and dance, it just came from within. So next time you give a miss to a museum because you don't understand much in it, you may be missing on a chance to learn the same.
Check their website for a glimpse at their collection and the upcoming events.

London Film museum 

We never pay so much attention to the background work involved in making a movie, especially during the times when there were no graphics or animation programs available for special effects. This museum made us realise and appreciate it all. The artefacts and technique used to give the illusion of shrunk humans in 'Honey I shrunk the kids' & King Kong to Star Wars. The main attraction for us was to get photographed riding a Harry Potter Broomstick!!
Find out more about London Film museum.

Wellcome collection

Did you think that there is no link between medicines and art? Think again. This unique collection makes learning about the medicine, its history, its role in the world interesting and fun. But what intrigued us most was the temporary exhibition going on at the time of our visit on 'Dust'. We could have never imagined in our wildest dream that there can be a full-fledged exhibition on dirt and various aspects of it in different parts of the world.

You can find more information about the Wellcome collection here

British Museum

If archaeology, history of various countries and viewing artefacts from the excavation sites is your interest then this is a must-visit place for you. We have been always fascinated with Egypt, its pyramids and the history of the region, so it was no wonder that this place attracted us to view all that. But instead of being satisfied with having tasted the history of Egypt, we came back with a thirst even bigger. This place introduced us to many places with equal amount of charm and heritage which were never on our radar and we ended up learning a lot about those too, returning with many more additions to our 'Travel list' :)
Check out the details about British Museum on their website to understand what I mean.

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  1. I have never been a Museum lover but I must confess your detailed and well written post has piqued my curiosity to visit one whenever possible, Gayatri :)

  2. I do not like museums. They make me claustrophobic. I don't like the lines or all the people inside. You're post makes me want to check out the ones in London next time I'm there - I appreciated your perspective.



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