Friday, April 14, 2017

Lynton & Lynmouth, Devon - #AtoZChallenge

Lynton & Lynmouth are picturesque twin towns in Devon, England, overlooking the azure sea on one side and surrounded by cliffs on the other. England is mostly flat but this part of the country is full of highs and lows, making driving through it a memorable experience. We had rented a car from London as we like to travel at our own pace, enjoying the view on the route and taking as many photo stops as we wish. We also took a break at Stonehenge on the way there, but more about it later.

Driving on some of the roads was challenging, with steep ascents or descents or sometimes there were very narrow roads. We missed turns a couple of times as we lost network for our smartphone a few times while following the route on GPS and taking a U-turn was a nightmare. But as we entered Lynton all our pains were paid off. It was difficult to keep our eyes on the road as the surroundings were so beautiful. We took a leisurely stroll and headed towards Lynmouth. Lynmouth is situated on higher grounds than Lynton and the most exciting way to get there is by the water-powered funicular Cliff Railway, which connects these two towns. It was constructed in 1890 and has been continuously in use ever since then. It is an engineering marvel as it does not need any electricity, gas or diesel.

If Lynton was picturesque, Lynmouth was beyond words. Every angle, every street was stunning, offering great views of the sea & dense forest. Most of the streets were climbing up or down. We came across many people following walking trails while wandering in the town and repented having kept only a day for this location, so it was added to our 'To do' list instantly. No matter how much you travel, there is still something left. Leaving those walking trails to our imagination, we headed back. After a lovely lunch at one of the small cafes, it was time to head back to our hotel. And even though we had another day reserved for Devon, we had more to catch up.

You can find more about the twin towns here & about the Cliff railway here.

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  1. That's magnificent! Thank you for sharing your wonderful travel pictures. I love learning about other places to visit.

    J -- Co-host the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference and Speculative Fiction Writer

  2. The pictures are really beautiful. Reading your blog leaves us wondering how much of the world we have yet to see!!!! Also, loved knowing about the Cliff Railway and it's uniqueness. Lovely post!!!

  3. Looks picturesque and very different from indian shores

  4. That sounds like my kind of place, I love hills and the ocean! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and your experience.

    A Journey To Courageous Living

  5. The whole of the South West is just stunning. Thanks for sharing your travels. Here from the A-Z and enjoyed your post.


  6. Looks and sounds beautiful! Love your photos.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Latitude Zero

  7. That place sounds amazing! I love the pictures!

    Once Upon a Time

  8. Your pictures make we want to be there.

  9. Your day sounds lovely. Time for a hike.

  10. Looks gorgeous and brave of you to drive it. We went to Ireland this past year but did a small group tour. We didn't want to attempt the roads.