Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gateway of India, Nariman Point - A night out in Mumbai. #AtoZChallenge

A city that never sleeps, Mumbai!! No matter the time of the day or night, you will always find places to eat, hang out and of course many would be full of people, you just need to know where to go. The first time we decided to wander through the city at night, I quite liked the idea. During daytime, most of the places are so crowded, with the traffic making it painful to travel to any destination. Not to mention, the humidity in summer and heavy pouring in monsoon leave you with a limited window in a year i.e. winter. So one fine evening, we set out on our little adventure. Being a newbie in this city, I still had high hopes of not encountering too much crowd; obviously, I was in for a surprise.

We started with Gateway of India, and even though I had seen it for probably 4 or 5 times during day time, I fell in love with its beauty all over again. The darkness around it was adding a bit of mystery to it and the lights projected on it were making it look out of this world. After taking a stroll around it, we found some space to sit enjoying the view, with the background music of sea waves crashing on the wall separating the sea from the icon. But we couldn't enjoy it for too long, as the guards came around to close the premises and asked everyone to leave around 11 p.m.

After being driven out, we headed to one of the iconic night food joints, barely 5 minutes away from the Gateway of India - Bade Miyan. The place is famous for non-vegetarian food, mainly for kebabs and baida roti. We had heard a lot about it, and so we couldn't wait to dig in the mouth watering dishes. The place was a juxtaposition, with the modest restaurant on one side and the BMWs, Mercedes and Jaguars parked outside, yet the prices were perfectly reasonable for any ordinary person and its popularity was very much evident from the waiting time to get a table. Many people were using the bonnets of their parked cars as tables to have their food, instead of waiting to find one.

After satiating out cravings, we moved on to the Nariman point. By then it was almost 1 in the night and yet the place was so crowded that we had to struggle to find some space to sit down. It felt nothing like past midnight, it could have been any time of the day or evening. In an instant, I understood the true meaning of Mumbai spirit. There were people from all walks of life, different economic classes and backgrounds, speaking many different languages, some dressed up in trendy clothes while some in their pajamas, all of them chilling out next to each other, without complaining or looking down upon someone. It was a celebration of life, enjoying the best things in life which are free. Large groups of friends were hanging out together, families had let go of the reigns over their kids, letting them stay up late. Loud music was coming from one of the cars parked, with a bunch of youngsters dancing to the tunes. The vendors selling tea and coffee were making their rounds, looking for customers. I could've never imagined the Funfair this place becomes in the dark hours if I hadn't experienced it for myself. We lingered around as long as our hearts wished for and headed back home early morning, looking forward to a day in bed :)

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